Classic Pretzels


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Classic Pretzels (80g, vegan)

Classic Bavarian style big, soft pretzels, like the ones you get at  the Oktoberfest in Munich with beer! 

Storage/Preparation: Consume on the day, freeze them or keep them in a plastic bag for a few days, the cooler the better and crisp them up in a toaster/air fryer/ oven (230*C, 3-5 min) before consumption.


Ingredients: Wheat flour (gluten), sunflower oil, salt, sugar, yeast, pretzel lye (sodium hydroxide, turning into salt and CO2 in the heat of the baking process) 


Order Time: 1 day online or phone us in the morning!


              1 x 80g       £0.90

 Pack of 3 x 80g       £2.20

 Pack of 10 x 80g     £7.20


1 x 80g, Pack of 3 x 80g, Pack of 10 x 80g


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