Pretzel Rolls/ Burger Buns/ Mini Buns(sliders) (vegan)


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Pretzel Rolls/ Burger Buns/ Mini Buns(sliders) (vegan)

Rolls (80g) are perfect for breakfast, soft and moist, the bigger Pretzel Burger Buns (130g) are soft, but firm enough and won’t disintegrate with your first bite, leaving you with a slice of meat in your hand and the bun on the floor. Sliders (30g) are perfect  to fill them for finger food. 


Storage/Preparation: Consume on the day, freeze them or keep them in a plastic bag for a few days, the cooler the better and crisp them up in a toaster/air fryer/ oven (230*C, 3-5 min) before consumption.


Ingredients: Wheat flour (gluten), sunflower oil, salt, sugar, yeast, pretzel lye (sodium hydroxide, turning into salt and CO2 in the heat of the baking process) 


Order Time: 2 days


Breakfast Rolls

               1 x 80g       £0.90

 Pack of 3 x 80g       £2.20

 Pack of 10 x 80g     £7.20


Pretzel Burger Buns

              1 x  130g     £1.10

Pack of  4  x 130g     £3.80

Pack of 10 x 130g     £ 9.- 


Sliders/Mini Buns

Pack of 15  x 30g                         £7.50

Pack of 30  x 30g             £14.-

Pack of 50  x 30g £20.-

Sliders/Mini Buns

Pack of 15 x 30g, Pack of 30 x 30g, Pack of 50 x 30g


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